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Wednesday February 16 2011 10:40 PM
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The third day of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOWF) 2011 marked the end of the individual Biathlon races and Figure Skating competitions. The girls’ Slalom has a winner; The Ice Hockey tournament continues.

Biathlon, 7.5 km - boys: Gold triumph of a younger brother
The boys’ contest opened in the morning with 87 participants from 28 countries. Two shooting rounds, one prone and one standing, waited on the track for the athletes. The gold medal in the boys’ category goes to Norway thanks to Johannes Bø, younger brother of the current champion in the senior World Cup, Tarjei Bø. Although Norwegian, Johannes Bø made a total of four mistakes in two shootings, he dominated the skiing tracks, and with a nearly two second lead he collected the gold medal, followed by German, Roman Rees. “My shooting was truly tragic, I could not hit the targets and so I had to put all I had into the last ski lap. I had lost any hope for a medal, let alone a gold,” said the surprised Johannes Bø.

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Biathlon, 6 km - girls: Second gold for a German
Seventy eight participants from 26 countries lined up to race in the girls’ category. Just as in Monday’s individual race, the sprint was won by German Laura Dahlmeier. “Everything turned out the best for me in this race, my shooting was excellent and so was my skiing. This victory really means a lot to me. I have proven that my initial victory was no accident,” said the happy winner.

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Alpine Skiing, Slalom - girls: The last three seconds decided the victory
The Swedish representative, Charlotte Saefvenberg was the winner of the girls' Slalom.  She beat the winner of Monday's Giant Slalom, Eli Plut from Slovenia.  "It was a very tough race. It was the best result I have ever achieved in my life. The slope at Jested is very firm but on the other hand, the race was great," said the Swedish winner at the finishing line.

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Figure Skating - girls: Russia maintained first position
The girls' free programme was performed in the spirit of famous and not so famous melodies, beautiful jumps and elegant figures. However, we did not witness any big surprises. Polina Aganofova confidently maintained first position after the short programme and won masterfully.  

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Figure Skating - boys: The first Czech gold
The Czech representative Petr Coufal triumphed in the boys’ category. With his flawless free programme he pushed Russian, Maksim Kovtun, who had been in the lead until then, into second position.

Complete results here.


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